Pool lift

Inval-lift for the disabled

Inval lift for swimming pools uses the power of water as the main energy for lifting the weight.

Lift is a highly economical product because it uses only water as the only energy source and it can be installed everywhere: at swimming pools, spa, on boats, disabled beaches, public beaches for individuals who have difficulty with stairs and ladders.

inval pool lift

easy to maintain

Lift is made of stainless steel (type 304 and 316). It is designed for indoor and outdoor pools and public beaches. It is completely disassembled to even the smallest components. In the event of a failure, the elevator is easily serviced on site or in the shop without the need for special tools.

maximum security

Safety is always our first priority. In case of water leakage or supply hose breakage, the person always has the possibility to completely stop the lift or lower it to the lowest position.
This way, the user has complete control during the lifting and lowering, which is necessary for safe operation.

inval swimming pool lift


It is enough to connect the water hose from the water supply network to the valve on the lift to get it started.
Inval - lift can lift and lower the load up to 200 kg with full control of the user.
The lift has two controls that are easily accessible, located at the level of the lift seat and the water level.
The seat automatically rotates 180 ° and it can be stopped or decelerated at any time.

water connection

In order for the lift to be ready for operation, it is necessary to connect the water hose to the valve designated for this purpose.
The pressure of the water supply network is sufficient to achieve the maximum lift capacity.
The type and size of the supply hose used for the lift does not decrease the nominal power of the lift.

inval swimming pool lift