Monoblock valve - 35L/min

One lever-monoblock directional control valve

hidraulični ručni razvodnik

Oil flow: 35L/min
Max. pressure: P=250 bar; T=50 bar; A,B=300 bar;
Work temp:-15°C - 80°C
Weight:2,2 kg

Hydraulic valve provides change of fluid flow direction , hydro-systems pressure restriction , pump unloading in neutral position of the spools.
Valve is designed to be integrated in hydraulic systems of Mobile and Industrial Machines.
The valve assembly consists of:A body with integrated relief and check valve, spool , control and spring-centering group of the spool.
Valve provides direct passing of the flow from the pump line to the tank at neutral position (open center). Options "closed centre" and "carry over" are possible with additional adapters.
There are different control options: spring–centering in "neutral" position, detent, automatic kick-out, hydraulic and electro-hydraulic control.

  • Hydraulic scheme
shema hidrualičnog razvodnika