Oil coolers

Heat exchanger Air-Oil

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Radiating mass data:
Material: Aluminium
Nominal pressure: 25 bar
Test pressure: 35 bar
Max temperature; 120°C

Fluid compatibility
Mineral oils, hl, hlp, water-oil emulsion.

We recommend to install a by-pass valve in parallel to theheat exchanger, for its protection during the starting up. Make sure there is no obstacle to the air flow

Heat exchanger Water-Oil

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OIL heat exchangers "shell and tube" are manufactured based on the mostadvanced technologies in order to make them veryreliable even in hard working conditions.
They are suitable for oil flows from 20 lt/min to 500lt/min; thermal exchange surfaces range from 0,26 m2to 3,67m2.
The water circuit is inspectable and designed to getthe maximum water saving.
The tube bundle is madeof a very high number of thin tubes to optimize thethermal yield until 75kW within a compact layout; allthe copper tubes are rolled into the tube plates toachieve the best performance even if vibrations takeplace